Bi Play – the start of my adventures

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It was early in summer and my friend, Chloe had invited me over to a barbecue and party at her and her boyfriend Alex’s new house. I’ve known Chloe since high school and Alex in the 4 years they have been together. They’ve always been great company; a great laugh, down to earth and adventurous. We’ve had many a wild night of eating, drinking and being a bit crazy. But we’d never been physical.

On this Saturday, I arrived mid-afternoon and was having a great time chatting and laughing with mutual friends as we all enjoyed some drinks. The wine and gin were flowing, and the weather was fantastic.

I was wearing a pretty racy short red dress and was getting some very welcome attention from some of the men there. My boyfriend and I had split up a few months earlier and I’d been feeling a bit down. So it felt great being noticed and I started to feel sexier as the day drew out and the drinks kept coming.

Alex also seemed to be taking an interest in me and we had been talking and laughing for a while as the sun dipped. As the evening cooled, he wrapped an arm around me and I felt myself shiver. I wasn’t sure whether it was the temperature or the way he gently brushed my back as he pulled me closer to him and I felt his taut, toned body pull me towards him. I looked to Chloe, wondering how she would react but she just smiled and lifted her glass to me. She then walked over to me and came close in on my other side and whispered, ‘he’s always liked you.’ As I felt her erect nipples brush against my arm, I felt myself shiver again.

The wine had made me feel light-headed and desperate for the loo. I excused myself and went upstairs to the toilet. As I sat there, I felt all tingly and so so horny. I sat there for a while, just letting myself calm and cool down. When I came out, I nearly fainted! Directly opposite the bathroom is Chloe and Alex’s bedroom and there, with the door open, they were both laid on the bed in their underwear with Alex gently stroking Chloe from her cleavage to the top of her knickers. I stood there, half in shock and half in awe at their gorgeous bodies. As I stood there, opened mouthed, Chloe walked over, took my hand and laid her lips on mine and gently kissed me softly. It was so unexpected but oh my God! It was so horny – her soft plump lips pressing against mine and then her tongue prising my lips open and exploring my mouth. My hands just naturally migrated to her ass and started stroking those gorgeous curves. She moved in closer to me and our bodies were pressed against each other. She led me to the side of the bed laughing gently and continued teasing me with gentle little kisses. As she was doing this, I felt Alex start to stroke my thighs under my dress and brush up to my thong. He was in no rush. Just softly yet purposefully running his fingers up my legs and so close to my pussy. Fuck -I could feel myself getting wet and I allowed my mouth to open and kiss Chloe more passionately. This should have felt weird but it felt so right. I was in heaven as Alex pulled my dress over my head. He spun me around and kissed me…with more passion and desire and than Chloe. ‘I’ve always wanted you’ he said strongly. ‘Me??’ I replied, stunned. ‘Yes, you’re stunning.’ as he kissed me again. I started to explore his body with my hands, feeling his well-defined muscles. I’d almost forgotten about Chloe as I was enjoying her boyfriend until I felt her fingers dance up inside my thigh and pull my thong to the side. I parted my legs, inviting her to do more and she reached through my parting legs and started to deftly flick her fingertips across my pussy and tease my clit. As she did, Alex put his hand on my lower back and pulled me closer to him. As Chloe was teasing me with her fingertips, Alex slid his hand down and slipped a finger slow and deep inside me. My legs almost went and I let out a deep moan at the pleasure of being fingered and clit teased at the same time.

I think they felt it too, as both Chloe and Alex reached around pulling me towards them. Chloe’s hand on my stomach and Alex’s on my lower back. As they tried to pull me closer it just brought the 3 of us together, our bodies almost standing there as one. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter as Chloe kissed the back of my neck as Alex and I explored each other’s mouths with our tongues. Their hands were almost bringing me to my knees. Chloe started to focus on the tip of my clit, circling it with her 2 fingers as Alex found his rhythm sliding his fingers deep inside of me. I was almost straddling and squatting, my body inviting and begging them to finger fuck and clit tease me even more. I was panting now, groaning and almost squealing as my excitement kept building and building. They listened to my body’s rhythm and kept playing with me as I started to writhe and moan louder and louder. As Chloe’s fingers danced around my clit and Alex got deeper and harder, I felt them both tighten their bodies against mine. I was dripping with sweat and oh my God, my pussy was so wet. I could actually hear how wet our bodies were and how close I was. I started to plead…’yes, yes, more, oh God, yes…’ as they played me so fucking beautifully. I leaned my body forwards slightly to pressure Chloe’s fingers even more on my clit. She was so good. She knew exactly what she was doing. She just got a little faster and Alex a little deeper and I knew I was there. I couldn’t help myself. I let a scream as I came. The most amazing orgasm. And as I felt myself collapsing in ecstasy, they gently eased me on to the bed and started…

Stay tuned for the next chapter…x