Covid Cuckold – Part 1

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When Covid first hit, like many people, we took quite a hit to our money. So when things relaxed a bit in the summer, we advertised for a lodger. We had quite a lot of people apply and settled on a young black guy in his early 20s called Jermain. I wasn’t so sure, because he seemed a bit cocky and full of himself, but my wife Katie was keen. Little did I know I’d opened the door to me becoming a cuckold.


As I suspected, shortly after he moved in, he started to behave like he owned the place. Without asking, he’d just sit wherever he wanted in the lounge and help himself to our food in the fridge.  I mentioned this to Katie but she just laughed a bit and said, ‘he’s young, that’s just how young guys can be.’ 


Then a few weeks ago, I came back from work and they’re sitting on the sofa together, watching TV and laughing. I said, ‘maybe, you’d prefer to sit over there Jermain?’ pointing to the single chair. You should have seen my face when he replied, ‘no, you sit there James. I’m happy here.’ as he looked at my wife and then looked up at me and winked at me. I should have done more, but he is a big muscular lad. I looked at Katie with a pleading look but she just raised her eyebrows as if to say, ‘what can I do?’ Then Jermain nodded towards the chair. I just slumped into it feeling defeated. 

As we sat there watching TV, Jermain then said, ‘hey, James, go get us a couple of drinks. I’ll have a beer but think Katie wants that wine in the fridge.’ Again, I looked at Katie, hoping for her to say something but she just stared at me and waved me into the kitchen with her hand. When I returned to the lounge Katie had her legs draped over Jermain’s lap. She was wearing a short casual dress and her legs looked fantastic. Jermain obviously thought the same as he was stroking his hand up and down her leg – sitting there like she was his wife. Katie was almost purring, so I knew there wasn’t much I could do. I put their drinks down and turned away and just sat down in the chair. Bizarrely, I could feel myself getting hard as I sat there watching him stroking Katie’s toned, tanned thighs, as she rolled her head back, morning and smiling. I was sitting directly opposite just a few yards away, as this young, muscular black guy is turning my wife on so much. I could see straight up her dress and already her white panties were showing evidence of her pleasure. Jermain could see me staring intently and hungrily so he started stroking her pussy through her panties. As soon as his fingertip brushed against her clit, she actually screamed out in pleasure, threw her head back and flopped her legs wide open – submitting herself to his touch. I watched him tickle her clit as she whispered, ‘oh God Jermain, I want you, I fucking want you so bad.’ I should have been angry and embarrassed but my cock was rock hard as I watched him pleasure my wife. Was this the turning point to me becoming a cuckold? I even gasped as he deftly parted her panties and slid his long finger deep into her cunt and she moaned like I’ve never heard her moan before. I could see her pussy glistening as her juices started to flow. Jermain started building a slow rhythm, finger fucking my wife and I found myself following his rhythm, rubbing my cock through my jeans. This guy had us both moaning in pleasure, hypnotised by his sexual power. He started fingering Katie harder and faster, whilst rubbing her clit with his thumb. Katie was making all kinds of noises I’d never heard and was gliding and sliding around. Her cunt was soaking now and her juices running down her thighs. I was rubbing my cock faster and faster, guided by Jermain’s rhythm. I was so fucking horny and I cried out, ‘I’m gonna cum. Fuck! I’m gonna cum.’ Jermain looked at me and shouted, ‘No!’ – I stopped dead under his command. Jermain abruptly stopped playing with Katie’s pussy and stood up. She looked so disappointed and stared pleadingly at Jermain. Her face dramatically turned though as he pulled down his shorts and pulled his cock out. Even I gasped, as I saw his huge, hard, shining, beautiful black cock – his helmet glistening with pre-cum. He didn’t even have to ask Katie. She was already turning around, bending over the sofa and pulling her panties down for him…to be continued in Covid Cuckold Part 2.

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