Even better than Fab Swingers

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We want you guys to love this site and enjoy swinging and we want it to be even better than Fab Swingers.

So, what are we doing to make this a better place than Fab Swingers?

A great looking site

We’ve worked with some great designers to create a site that looks really fresh and super sexy that also looks great on mobile.

Really easy to use

We just felt other sites like Fab Swingers and Swinging Heaven were difficult to find your way around and some pages were just rammed with meaningless stuff. We were conscious about wanting to make things really really easy for you on every single page.

Fantastic value, simple pricing and being transparent

None of us likes feeling like we’re being ripped off or getting tricked into paying ever more. First of all, you can join TheSwingersZone completely free and browse around and get access to loads of free content. Our pricing is very simple, where you get access to all features and content for either; £5 per month, £10 for 3 months or £25 for 12 months. This makes us the most affordable swingers’ site by a distance.

Respectful and responsible

This is really important to us. Not everyone approaches swinging in the same way and we know you all have different attitudes, desires and experiences. We want everyone to feel safe here and we make no apology for pushing the mantra or being respectful and responsible. We have our UK based support team and you contact us any time at info@theswingerszone.co.uk.

Great content

Like these articles and the Swingers’ Stories, we are committed to giving you more free and exciting content than Fab Swingers.

Fastest growing

We have over 50,000 members and growing at rapid pace. We want more and more people to join the site and have loads of naughty fun. That just means the experience keeps getting better and better for everyone.

We are constantly discussing how we make TheSwingersZone the best swingers’ site out there and what new exciting features we can introduce. Please do let us know what we can do better and what you love about the site. Let’s keep making this better the Fab Swingers.