Swingers, Channel 4 – Our Review

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Swingers, Channel 4 documentary dipped a toe into the world of Swinging with a visit to the Liberty Elite Club. But was it a fair reflection of the swingers’ clubs and the swingers in general?

Like anything that is broadcast on the gogglebox, we understand that certain narratives will be exaggerated.

But let’s focus on the positives of this Channel 4 Swingers documentary.


It’s open to all

We think it did it a good job of showing that there is a hugely wide range of people who enjoy swinging and visits to swingers’ clubs. There were the relatively young singles, Malika and Martyn who were just looking for casual fun…and found it! Then there was a range of couples from the highly experienced to a couple looking to get into swinging. And finally, 67-year-old Siobhan, enjoying herself to the max. From our experience, this is accurate. All sorts of people of all ages, situations, backgrounds and professions are involved in and enjoy swinging. It sounds like a cliché but it’s true.


Respect is a big thing for swingers

We were pleased that this came across. Just because people enjoy swinging doesn’t mean that they just want sex all the time and with anyone. This is possibly the most infuriating misconception about swinging. The principles of attraction and chemistry still apply.


We love a party/event

That may not be entirely true for all. Some of us are shy! However, the focus of Swingers on Channel 4 was the Valentine’s Day party at Liberty Elite. We’ve been on the scene for decades and been to many clubs and events and when they are done well, it will be the night of your live!


People have different motivations

We’ve already said that there is a wide range of people who enjoy swinging. Therefore, it’s only natural that they will have different motivations. For some, it can be just wanting to have respectful, casual fun with no commitments. Some couples are lifetime devotees to the scene and some may tip a toe in from time to time to spice things up.


It’s about positivity

Maybe we’re biased but we think that the majority of people involved in swinging are positive people, who want to enjoy themselves but also respect others.


So whilst Swingers on Channel 4 could have been better, it could also certainly have been a lot worse.

If you watched it, why not let us know what you thought in our Forum.