Safe Words – When Yes Means No

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Safe words can play a very important part in sex games. It is very important to remember that whatever sex play you embark on you should know your limits. Sex Safe words mean that you can subtly and easily communicate these limits during more intense sex play.

If you are playing with your partner or someone new, agree on a ‘Safe Word’ to enable you both to stop what you are doing immediately. This will either let your partner know that you want to stop or leave a situation you are not comfortable with, without you feeling obligated to stay.  This is a good rule of thumb in the sex play world.

More experienced partners or groups may also choose to use an amber safe word. This could be when they are enjoying the play or the situation but it’s just becoming a bit too much or getting a bit rough. So by using this type of safe word, you can keep the fun going but in the knowledge and security that you can pull things back. This just ensures that everyone involved feels comfortable with how the play and games can develop.

So, for responsible and respectful sex games and naughty play remember that communication is key. Sex Safe words allow you to do this in a way that works for you and any others involved in games.

You can also read more general information about good etiquette when you’re involved in sex games, play, or swinging specific activities in our Guide to Swinging.

We always love to hear from you guys. So do get in touch with any of your stories, thoughts or experiences of safe words whilst you’ve been up to naughty fun.

Happy Swinging All You Sexies. x